Bike bbq ride

BBQ bike ride

The spring bike BBQ ride has become an annual iBike event. Spring is a time where everyone is ready to get outdoors for their first overdose of vitamin D and the BBQ ride is the perfect event to do so. The first Saturday or Sunday with a forecast for sunshine and a temperature over 15 […]

Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx

Voici le vélo qu’Eddy Merckx roulait lorsqu’il a battu le record de l’heure sur piste en 1972. Ce chef d’œuvre de la technologie à l’époque fut construit par Ernesto Colnago et pesait seulement 12.68 lb grâce à des composantes comme la potence et rayons en titane. Une des techniques pour alléger le vélo était de […]

Wall iBike

Team Blog

Team iBike is going to be turning 5 years old this summer. The Team was created the year after the bike shop opened and has been gaining momentum ever since. We started out as a lifestyle team and have slowly transitioned into a performance race team with focus on Fixed gear Crit racing. The team […]

Red-Bull Race the Place iBike

Race the Place

Team iBike headed out yet another road trip to Toronto for the second edition of Red Bull Race the Place. This is a very unique race as it sees both road and track cyclists racing head to head on a very technical closed circuit. Being predominantly a fixed gear team, Team iBike raced all riders […]

RHC Barcelona iBike

JT RHC Barcelona

Our man Josh Tyrrell can be called the fastest Fixed Gear Crit racer in Canada. If there was a Canadian Championship race he would be the man to win it! Here is the recap from his RHC Barcelona experience in his own words: “Qualifiers went alright, 35th position. Started the race in the 5th row […]

Défi casse tête

The Défi Casse-Tête, a 100k team time trial, turned out to be another complicated learning experience for Team iBike! Side note: they of course did it on fixed. Josh Gieni had a flat at about 20k into the race and stopped to change it while the other riders kept going (Paula Manzano, Josh Tyrrell, Max […]

Mardi cycliste iBike

Mardis cyclistes

L’équipe iBike est encore plus rapide que jamais. Certains membres de l’équipe ont commencés à courser dans des critériums de route au Mardis cyclistes de Lachine. L’entrainement et l’expérience que les coureurs gagnent avec ces courses aident à rester sur les podiums des Crit. de Fixed Gear. Résultat, Team iBike récolte sans cesse des podiums […]

iBike Crit 2015

À vos marques !

Le iBike Crit approuvé par Red Hook Crit durant le Jackalopefest 2015 fut encore un succès. Nous avons eu un record d’inscription dans la catégorie homme avec 20% provenant de l’extérieur de Montréal et 10% international. Le iBike Crit 2015 est même passé à l’histoire avec la première course de Fixed Gear Brakless catégorie femme […]